art prints

I've made a few art prints
they are a4
printed on matt paper

3 art prints 
1 alien, 1 predator, 1 alien versus predator 
digitally printed by me  

alien versus predator

three prints based on George A. Romero's original living dead trilogy

1) night of the living dead
2) dawn of the dead 
3) day of the dead
three in one

comes in colour or black and white
printed on A4 Matt

black and white versions

colour versions


 3 more alien prints, taken from my alien zine

3 prints
a4 in size
printed on matt paper
digitally printed by me
available here

Alien queen

zombified versions of the simpson family
black on white
printed on 5x7 gloss paper

triple Feature: 3 prints guaranteed to make any kitchen look delicious with these mouthwatering art prints 

CANNIBAL KITCHEN: our butcher uses only fresh meat straight from the bone.

BON APPETIT: preparing your food we have the sexiest chef, (Kiss the cook for free skin spring rolls.)

DINNER IS SEVERED: only the most appetizing food gets servered at our kitchen. its finger-biting good,

Three prints
Printed on A4 matt paper
Digitally printed by me
Illustrated by Alex Yates

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