He's back,
And this time, he's raising hell.... 
From the darkest depths of the 90s  comes the most feared creature in British history... MR BLOBBY 
In this all new comic anthology
Brought to you by the Nobodies.
24 pages of blobby goodness,
A5 in size,
Black and white(with a colour cover)


David  Attenborough "I've been a fan of these guys since planet earth 3, but I think they've lost the plot with this one"

Noel Edmonds "what is this crap, somebody get my lawyer"

Tiny j "cool, it's mr blobby but he's evil... that's pretty sick 5 stars from me" 

Aaron "This is our best zine so far imo"

The nobodies are

Alex Yates 

Aaron Roles

Harry Griffin Hayes 

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